Years ago, Xane got a laptop with Windows Vista on it, which had Windows Movie Maker and DVD Maker on it. This gave him the idea to try burning his own DVDs using odd things such as messed-up Sims videos, footage from his capture card, and even at one point his laptop's built-in webcam!

While Xane was proud of these DVDs years ago, he now looks back on them with mixed feelings. They aren't really that good, but some of them probably helped Xane improve and led to later projects; For example, World of Kirbycraft led to Magical Mary being created, which was at one point a game based on the movie's characters.

Most people would leave these old DVDs on a shelf to gather dust or outright get rid of them, but Xane feels the internet should see how it all began, back in ~2008, up until 2011. Therefore, any DVDs Xane finds that were made by him only will be viewable here. This isn't YouXaneTube, but that part of didn't have a chance of competing with YouTube.

The movies listed here are in chronological order. Expand a section to read the DVD's "notes" written at that time, and visit that movie's "watch" page. Two things to note:

  1. As these are hosted on Google Cloud Storage, they will disappear if that ever becomes impossible to pay for, so please enjoy or download (archive) the movies while you can!

  2. A lot of the movies claim you may not "copy the tape". Back then, when backing up and archival of files wasn't considered important to Xane, this was how he treated the discs. However, in the modern times, that has changed; You may copy, archive, and download these movies, so you can pass on his embarrassing classic movies from "the Michael years".

None of the videos here can be watched quite yet, but soon, you will be able to see them both here and the normal The X Site. Some movies (the World of Kirbycraft movies especially) have audio/video sync issues, falling out of sync over the course of the movie. This may be unfix-able unless the DVDs are found and re-ripped.

A Dangerous Moment... And Time

DVD burn date: ‎July ‎5, ‎2008

"Author Notes:
Author: Xane Myers

You may not copy this without my permission. From the first time through, do whatever the video asks of you, and read the script popups at the top of the screen.

Doctor Wyett... Does he know what he's doing?Find out. "

A Haunting: Sims 2 Edition

DVD burn date: August ‎6, ‎2008

"Before you enter the scary haunted house ahead of you, just let me warn you of something... It's scary! Quickly! For your own sake, please push the (EJECT) Button while you can. Does this girl know what she's doing after Empresses' power has been drained?"

Xane and the Men

DVD burn date: ‎August ‎14, ‎2008

"The Cyberlink PowerDirector (Trial Eition) helped me make this video, put into Xane defeating the threats of the city, to which have been shot for a long time, huh?"

SMW Revealed

DVD burn date: December ‎25, ‎2009

There isn't a description on this DVD (no notes section).

007 Action

DVD burn date: March 25, 2011

"This is a top secret video from MI6 showing Xane, one of our most insane agents, killing our great Agent M, Bloch, and a random Identicon Guard (Fu?)"

World of Kirbycraft: The Uther Chronicles Vol. 1

DVD burn date: November ‎27, ‎2011

"Big action occurs when Arthas believes a lie and teleports to a foreign world where stupidity meets World of Warcraft!

Enter Arthas as he makes the best friendship he will ever make!

(C)2011 Xane Corp. Some rights reserved."

World of Kirbycraft: The Uther Chronicles Vol. 2

DVD burn date: November ‎28, ‎2011

"Keep an eye out for a cup in this movie, when Xane and Arthas visit an underground area and get "treasure".

This is a cup, and see where it's from. Xane would like this cup."

World of Kirbycraft: Mystery Game Vol. 1

DVD burn date: December ‎22, ‎2011

"When Dark Arthas and Uther combine for the most ultimate force ever, a big slender enemy stands over them, getting that Xane wants a Panda Express cup and that he is their worst nightmare, or in his own words, best nightmare."