The official download page of Xane's newest game!

What is Magical Mary?

Magical Mary 1 is a first person platforming game where you can experience a father and his daughter's attempts to eliminate two evil men that have tried to get rid of him in the past. (This story may change, though.)

See the Xane Wiki for more details.

  • Are you skilled enough? Quickly speed through areas, clearing them of enemies and finding hidden areas! Earn the rewards.

  • Find entrances to the mysterious six Special Stages, which are said to store the powerful Power Coins, should you be quick about it!

  • Four worlds with four levels in each are planned, each with their own boss!

Additionally, you can listen to the game's music on Audius or VK.


Wanna see how the game looks at the moment? These screenshots let you preview the game before you try it!


Magical Mary is in its alpha development part, but you can play and try out the game now! Follow the info below your computer's operating system name to download and "install" the game!

Microsoft Windows

If you're using a 64-bit Windows PC that is running at least Windows 7 Service Pack 1, you have multiple options to install the game:

  1. For the most user-friendly experience, use the installer, powered by Inno Setup! Download the Web Installer and it will download and extract all of the game's files for you! It's advertised below as a big download, but the actual installer is lightweight, at only 1MB! It downloads a lot of data when installing, though.

  2. As for those that would like to archive the game, keeping it in case it becomes unavailable in the far future, you can download the offline installer, which contains everything the Web Installer above would download, including the official mods. In the scenario that the button below doesn't work, click here to download from Google Drive.

  3. If you're a more advanced user that knows how to extract ZIP archives and run executables, you can download the same file the Web Installer uses and extract it anywhere you'd like, then run PlayGame.exe to start playing!

Warnings (Windows)

  • If you're using Norton, it may detect this game as a virus named "WS.Reputation1". If it does, please restore the quarantined file and mark it as trusted. This virus isn't a real threat, and only indicates that not enough Norton users have marked it as trusted. If any other virus name is shown, it may be a legitimate threat, though viruses would not be included on purpose, especially from builds downloaded from this official website.

  • You can verify that there aren't viruses in this game by uploading the game's executable (PlayGame.exe on Windows, PlayGame on Linux) to VirusTotal or a similar website, or viewing the source code on GitHub, which is mostly identical to GZDoom's source, excluding changes to skydome rendering and MAPINFO definitions.

  • SmartScreen will warn you about the app/program not having a publisher when you first run it. If you're greeted with a dialog that tells you about an "unknown publisher", click "more info" then "Run anyway". This just means that the file doesn't contain a certificate,which would cost a lot to receive. (Also, certificates are unnece

Ubuntu (Linux)

Magical Mary can be played on Linux! If you use Ubuntu or a distro that is compatible with Ubuntu's executables, you can download the pre-compiled Ubuntu build using the left button below. If on another Linux-based distro, you can compile the source code from GitHub.

This is not the most straight-forward executable to run; You have to extract the files anywhere on your computer (preferably your "home" folder), then open Terminal, navigate to that directory, then type ./playgame.

If that doesn't work, also type the command chmod +x ./playgame.

Apple macOS

If you use macOS, apologies but Xane doesn't really care for or see interest in your operating system compared to Windows and Linux, mainly due to Apple's strange decisions, tendency to neglect backwards compatibility, and how restrictive they are with what can run their operating system. (Apple is more strict than even their proprietary rival Microsoft's Windows, which allows installation in virtual machines!)

One known problem is that there's no sound in the current macOS build, despite including the required libraries in the application's "Frameworks" folder, just as RZDoom does. Despite this, the app still may not work, so, well...

It's better to do one of these things, unless someone from GZDoom's team could assist with the macOS side of things:

  • Set up Bootcamp, then run the Windows version of Magical Mary. (Recommended!)

  • Download virtual machine software like Virtualbox, then download Windows 10, Windows 11, or a Linux distro. Enable 3D acceleration in the VM settings and give it a decent amount of RAM and other things. Install the OS then run its version of Magical Mary.

Warnings (macOS)

  • If Gatekeeper blocks the app (basically guaranteed), you will have to open System Preferences > Security & Privacy and allow the app there. It may be better to just unlock the "allow everything" Gatekeeper setting, as Xane won't be getting an Apple Developer certificate any time soon. Type this in your Terminal to unlock the option: "sudo spctl --master-disable". Doing this will disable Gatekeeper, but you should be able to re-enable it by selecting one of the other choices above "Everywhere" in the preferences window.

  • Additionally, MacOS may prevent the game from accessing files! After extracting the app, move it to another folder using Finder, then move it back. Somehow, this removes the security-related restrictions and it should be able to access files outside of an obscure directory. Additionally, if macOS prompts for permission to access files in the app's directory, please consider granting that. This shouldn't be needed to load the game data, which is located inside the application, but may be needed to store save files and screenshots.


Mary's Magical Adventure accepts optional downloads developed by Xane which add or change things in-game! Click/tap the picture beside the mod you want to download.

If a mod doesn't work correctly, re-download the game data and the mods. Make sure the mod is in the same folder as the game data and application, too! It will automatically load any official mods placed in the game directory.

Notes about Installer (Windows only)

If you've installed the game using the installer on Windows, the game should be installed at %LocalAppData%\Programs. Push WIN+R, type that in, then push ENTER, which should open the folder. "Magical Mary" is the game's folder here. Extract the official mods below into that folder. For an easier experience, just re-launch the installer and check the mods you'd like in the components list.

If the components list is missing a mod that's listed here, re-download the installer then run that.

Due to the non-commercial limitations of OpenAI Jukebox, sounds made using it cannot be included in the base game that could become paid in the future. If you'd like to hear the game the way Xane intends it to sound, please download this mod.

Increases the resolution of first-person weapon sprites and certain other graphics. Recommended in most scenarios.