I may develop Mary's Magical Adventure but over the years I've made other things, which may include downloads for other games. This page contains the best of those downloads.

Full downloads

DX-Ball 2 with DXBoard and DXImage

This could be seen as "illegal" but DXBoard and DXImage are hard to find on the internet nowadays. In addition, this is the old version of DX-Ball 2. For the modern experience with a built-in editor and widescreen boards, buy the 20th Anniversary Edition on Steam. I will not provide a download for that.

Downloads for games

Mary for SRB2 v2.1

Mary has joined Sonic and friends in Sonic Robo Blast 2! She's slower than Sonic but accelerates to her top speed in less than a second, similar to how she behaves in Mary's Magical Adventure. She can perform the Air Dash, a better version of the Thok attack which slightly boosts her vertically while she moves forward at an increased speed. As she's a human, she can't curl into a ball, so some walls are unbreakable to her.